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OCA reminds public it is a criminal offence to share child pornography

Office of the Children's Advocate | 2014-01-29 00:00:00

The Office of The Children’s Advocate (OCA) is advising members of the public that the sharing of child pornographic material is a criminal offence. The OCA is forced to issue this reminder in light of reports of the circulation of pornographic content involving school girls from a rural based school on popular social media site Facebook.

Children’s Advocate, Mrs. Diahann Gordon Harrison, notes that this practice must stop as this not only dehumanizes our children, but also erodes the moral fabric of society. “It is very distressing to learn that there are persons in society, particularly adults, who are sharing and posting child pornographic material through email or on popular social media sites such as Facebook. This is act is intolerable, illegal and unacceptable!”

“If it is that we receive reports of such acts, and where possible, we have absolutely no objection in assisting the Police to bring these perpetrators to book. As a society we must find ways to assist our children and steer them toward a morally upstanding path, one which is befitting of a society we wish to lead. It is time that we end this culture and obsession of sexually exploiting our children, and do away with the: a jus lickle sex nutten nuh wrong wid dat mentality,” Mrs. Gordon Harrison added.

Under the Child Pornography (Prevention) Act a person who knowingly distributes, produces, advertises, imports or exports child pornography commits an offence and “is liable, on conviction on indictment before a Circuit Court, to a fine or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fifteen years, or both.”

The OCA will continue its public education initiatives to educate and sensitize children and their caregivers about their role and responsibility in protecting our children. The OCA is also recommending that parent, guardians, and caregivers have frank and age appropriate discussions with their children about sexual activity.

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