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LIME tests disaster-readiness

LIME | 2014-01-30 00:00:00

The area around telecommunications firm, LIME’s Head Office on Half-Way Tree Road, St. Andrew was abuzz with emergency vehicles and large contingent of employees who had evacuated all buildings during the Company’s annual disaster simulation exercise on Thursday morning. The scenario was a 7.3 magnitude earthquake in observance of January as Earthquake Awareness Month.

The area, popularly known as ‘LIME Square’ was temporarily cordoned off to allow the Police, Fire Brigade and ambulance services to conduct a thorough evacuation and response drill under the watchful eyes of curious onlookers. The scene was the same at LIME’s offices on Church Street, Montego Bay, and St. James.

Also overseeing the emergency response drill was LIME’s Safety Manager, Heather Wallen-Bryan. She shared that the event had met certain critical success factors and added, “Our readiness to respond adequately to natural or man-made disasters is something LIME takes very seriously. For the protection of our employees and customers we carry out this unannounced disaster simulation to reinforce the importance of preparedness throughout the organization. It is an opportunity for us to also assess our state of readiness, identify and correct deficiencies while we work closely with the various disaster response agencies to ensure smooth coordination and adopt recommendations for improvement.”

Meanwhile, Public Relations Officer in the Jamaica Fire Brigade, Emilio Ebanks, commended LIME for its annual staging of the event in commemoration of Earthquake Awareness Month and recommended other corporate entities to follow the Telco’s lead.

With a large contingent of employees occupying LIME Square, Mr. Ebanks said that the exercise, “….alerts us and gives us that knowledge that if something happens at LIME persons are there who would have first-hand knowledge as to how to deal with these situations.”

The exercise was conducted in a ‘no fault’ atmosphere which typically involves guiding and correcting participants about the correct way to respond during an emergency. It included an intriguing rescue simulation of an employee from the 5th floor of the LIME Corporate Building by 6 members of the Jamaica Fire Brigade. At the same time, the Police maintained a cordon around the area while Emergency Medical Technicians attended to staff members playing the role of the injured during the 30-minute simulation.

Customers visiting the LIME Carlton Store at the time the emergency signal was given readily participated in the evacuation drill. They lauded the Company for its proactive approach and did not seem to mind having to put their transactions on hold.

Preliminary results from the simulation reveal a high level of readiness among staff members based on their speed of response and overall coordination.

Mrs. Wallen-Bryan added, “Of course, as a responsible corporate entity, we will fill those gaps identified by our Local Incident Management Team, the Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance services during the simulation. In that vein, LIME expresses wholehearted thanks to these agencies that continue to support our safety and disaster-readiness plan which goes beyond this year’s staging.”


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