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NWA to undertake multi-million dollar Spray Patching Programme in St. Mary

National Solid Waste Management Authority | 2014-02-03 00:00:00

Work is to begin on select road sections in the parish of St. Mary next week. The National Works Agency (NWA) will begin another phase of its island-wide Spray Patching Programme, which will see some 5,000 square metres of road being targeted.

The corridors that will benefit under this phase of the programme are that from  Chovey to Clermont, Trinity to Little Bay (Rectory Street), Trinity to Fontabelle, Gayle to Guys Hill, Highgate to Guys Hill, Richmond to Highgate and Clermont to Whitehall, along the stretch from Clonmel to Richmond.

Funded by the Road Maintenance Fund (RMF), the projects will be undertaken by the National Works Agency’s Force Account Team at a cost of over $5.4 million dollars. The works are expected to be completed within four weeks of commencement.

The NWA is asking motorists using these corridors, during the repairs, to obey posted warning signs and the instructions of flag persons.

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