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G2K expresses concern over oversight of the privatisation of Kingston Container Terminal

G2K | 2014-02-27 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party is today expressing concern over the apparent lack of oversight from the country’s chief oversight body, the Office of the Contractor General, over the privatisation of the Kingston Container Terminal.

The organization’s concern comes against the statement to Parliament by the Minister of Transport and Works on Tuesday which indicated that the process of divestment of the KCT is far advanced with expected completion due by September 2014.

“We are heartened to hear that, after what we deem to be significant delays, the process is now moving along. However, we noted that nowhere in his statement did the Minister speak to the oversight mechanisms for the monitoring of the process by the OCG. This is concerning especially having regard to the posturing of this Minster and his repeated attempt to exclude the OCG from overseeing processes of this nature.” said Floyd Green, President of the organisation.

The organization noted that the Minister and the Cabinet has in the past refused to answer the lawful requisitions of the OCG and that the Minister has attempted to establish his own oversight panel to replace the OCG, a move which was quickly rubbished in the courts.

“We the people have had to bear the burden of divestment that after completion the OCG has found that the process was flawed and that taxpayers may not have received the “best deal”, this includes the divestment of the Air Jamaica Heathrow Slots. Some of the players are the same now and, as a people, we cannot allow history to repeat itself in this instance” continued Green

G2K is calling on the Minister of Transport to indicate to the country whether the Contractor General is providing oversight of the privatisation process and what mechanisms have been put in place to ensure transparency and accountability.

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