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Lime invites Claro customers to “come over”

LIME | 2012-01-16 09:39:00


Claro customers who have been left hanging by the merger between Claro and Digicel are being offered a rescue option by LIME. 
Starting tomorrow, Claro subscribers can trade in their SIM cards for a free SIM and $1000 free credit from LIME.  LIME is making the offer in response to the outcry of Claro customers who say they are no longer enjoying low prices and other benefits since the forced transfer of their service to the Digicel network. 
“It is clear that Claro customers are feeling disenfranchised as they have been tossed over to the country’s most expensive mobile network without any say in the matter and LIME wants them to know they have an alternative,” said Stephen Price, LIME Jamaica’s Head of Marketing. 
“Claro customers who come over to LIME can enjoy better value for money with our “Free Nights” promotion and unlimited calling to five friends with “Faves”, which is similar to Claro’s current “Call 2 Text 1” offer.  Plus they will also enjoy mobile data plans for as little as $100 per Day,” Mr. Price added. 
The trade in offer, which is available at all LIME Retail Stores and dealer locations, will run until January 31, 2012. 
“LIME is inviting all Claro customers to come over to our network and enjoy better value, better prices and better technology.  The last time we checked Jamaica was still a democracy so everyone should have a choice,” Mr. Price said.

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