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Man A Man: LIVE UP Video Competition Launched

Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS | 2012-01-17 11:35:00

The Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS (CBMP) in association with PSI/Caribbean launched the ‘Man A Man: LIVE UP Video Competition’ at the Rebel Salute concert in St Elizabeth, Jamaica on Saturday 14th January 2012. The competition engages 18-24 year old Jamaican residents to showcase their talent by creating an original two (2) minute video highlighting their views on “Faddahood and manliness inna dis ya century”. It is anticipated that an eclectic range of video submissions will be received as entrants are given the opportunity for open expression. The possibilities are boundless as they can present their video in any format from a music video, dramatic short, blog, podcast, editorial commentary, documentary and animation as long as it meets the competition rules for submission.

This competition is just one of the collaborative initiatives under the CBMP and PSI/Caribbean partnership umbrella of the CARISMA II project which aims to highlight the social issues impacting on HIV prevention across the Caribbean region. “Our constructs of masculinity and fatherhood in the region significantly influence the behaviours linked to some of the structural drivers of HIV and we saw this as an innovative way to hear from young people in Jamaica how they think about these issues in order to help us craft more relevant and meaningful programmes.”says Dr. Allyson Leacock, Executive Director of CBMP.
The ‘Man A Man: LIVE UP Video Competition’ viral component will be showcased on YouTube with the top ten finalists’ submissions uploaded to Facebook at a later date. The competition boasts a first prize of USD $2,500 cash, a Digicel mobile phone, LIVE UP and Got IT? Get IT t-shirts plus many more items. The winning videos will also be shared with the CBMP 110 member stations in 24 Caribbean countries
Befittingly the Rebel Salute concert aligns with Jamaica’s 50th year of independence, where LIVE UP will be promoting the competition via its own LIVE UP stage. Tony Rebel of Rebel Salute says: “ I have always felt it important to increase awareness of HIV in our communities and LIVE UP is a fine example of what we need more of in the Caribbean to help stem the spread of HIV. I was therefore happy to offer LIVE UP its own stage at Rebel Salute.”

Media representatives and audience members are sure to be in for a treat with live performances on the main stage from over 33 of Jamaica’s top reggae acts. The LIVE UP’ stage will be active between set changes and other intervals where participants will be able to view information about the competition, as well as video testimonials and PSAs featuring LIVEUP champions including many top Jamaican artistes. Star DJ Squeeze of CBMP Member station Megajamz will be spinning the vintage reggae hits while other DJs will be a part of the LIVE UP stage where another CBMP member station that is a sponsor of Rebel Salute, CVM, will be interviewing for TV the artistes who endorse the LIVE UP campaign and its Caribbean movement.

The judging panel will consist of  regional media, HIV and gender representatives. Applicants are asked to submit their videos by Wednesday 29th February 2012 with the winner and runners up being announced on Sunday 18th March 2012 and they will receive their prizes at a ceremony that will include 10 top LIVE UP entertainers on March 25th in Emancipation Park in Kingston, Jamaica.. For further information please visit

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