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Digicel lauds addition of PE & Sports to CAPE subjects

Digicel Jamaica | 2014-05-21 00:00:00

Jamaica is known to be one of the main breeding grounds for sporting talent, particularly in track and field and athletics. With both the fastest man, Usain Bolt and the fastest woman Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce in the world, as shining jewels in its crown, Jamaica is the home of sports royalty. The Reggae Boyz, the Sunshine Girls and the West Indies Cricket team are just some of the other household names that Jamaicans from all walks of life have come to admire and love, however fickle that love maybe.

It is against this background that Digicel is expressing support for the pending addition of Physical Education and Sport to the list of Caribbean Advancement Proficiency Examination (CAPE) subjects, starting September 2014. “This is a very positive announcement for Jamaica and is definitely a move in the right direction,” said Senior Sponsorship Manager at Digicel, Tahnida Nunes. “From year to year Digicel makes a substantial investment in sports from the grassroots to the national levels, touching kids from 4 to 19 years of age. Football, Cricket, Track and Field are our primary areas of focus for youth development  and we have seen the great impact that sports has on our youth over the years so now that PE is getting even more structure in the educational system, Digicel couldn’t be more pleased,” expressed Nunes.

Over the past few years, through its wide array of sponsorships, Digicel has directly impacted more than 100,000 children across rural and urban Jamaica. The aim of these programmes is to introduce children and their communities to the various sports and ensure sustainability by training and supporting the respective coaches as well.

“Sports mirror life and participating in a sport is fundamental to the youth development. Sports have so many benefits including discipline, focus, team work, respect for others, creativity, developing good self-esteem, adherence to rules, among many other advantages.  That is why we have invested millions in sports over the past few years as part of how we connect and give back to communities all across Jamaica,” explained Nunes.

In recent weeks Digicel has launched several sporting initiatives including the Digicel / ISSA T20 Cricket tournament, the Digicel / Jamaica Chess Federation Chess tournament, the Digicel/ MVP Grassroots Clinic, the Digicel Kickstart programme and the Grassroots Football programme in partnership with the Jamaica Football Federation. Indeed providing support at the grassroots level is critical to the overall success of sports on the national and global levels.

“There is no doubt at all that grassroots programmes … are significant contributors to the global development of every sport. Initiatives such as these take the players to a higher level and build confidence in the ability of our sport programmes to have immediate and meaningful impact,” said Minister with responsibility for sport Natalie Neita Headley, speaking recently at the launch of Digicel’s Kickstart programme.

Moreover “with the addition of PE and sport to the CAPE list, young athletes from all of these programmes should get even greater recognition and hopefully more development support from all stakeholders in the private and public sector. At Digicel we know that sports is a big part of Jamaica’s future and so we truly welcome this announcement,” added Nunes.

Physical Education and Sport are already offered at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination with Jamaican schools capturing the top 10 positions in the regional ranking last year.


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