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Minister Hanna should release CDA audit says G2K

G2K | 2014-06-18 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2K), the Young Professional Affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party is expressing deep concern about the management of the Child Development Agency (CDA) and the revelation that unauthorised modules of sexual education were being taught to wards of the state.

"It is unacceptable for the Minister and the CDA to simply say that they did not know. The question it begs is what else is happening in our homes about which the Minister and the agency charged with their management have no clue about. It cannot be that we are now forced to wait again, while the Minister does another report to get a grip on her Ministry while the children continue to suffer" said Floyd Green, President of G2K.

The organization noted that it was the Minister of Youth and Culture in April 2013 who announced that due to the absence of adequate management and issues surrounding governance at the CDA, she had commissioned a Management audit. However, to date the findings are yet to be published or steps taken to remedy those issues.

“The Minister is presiding over an appalling state of affairs and must indicate to the country how she intends to remedy it. It is clear that there has been a significant breakdown in the systems that should be governing our homes and ensuring the protection of the children as well as communication between the minister and her agencies. For the Minister to have the audit and we still have glaring deficiencies, it says that nothing has been done to remedy the breaches and as such the Minister remains complicit in any ill that befall the children of these institutions.” said Floyd Green, President of G2K.

Generation 2000 is calling on Minister Lisa Hanna to immediately make public the findings of the management audit; to inform the nation of the steps that have been taken to remedy the deficiencies and systems that will be established to ensure that a breach like this one never reoccurs. The organization is also suggesting a comprehensive review be undertaken of all state homes and those who operate under a licence from the Ministry.


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