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G2K Portmore: Toll increase will further cripple Portmore residents

G2K | 2014-06-27 00:00:00

G2K Portmore, a Chapter of Generation 2000, the young professional affiliate arm of the Jamaica Labour Party has said that the latest increase in toll rates represents another step in the undermining of the memorandum of understanding between the Government and the Civil servants.

In a release issued today, Chairman of the chapter, Marlon Gordon said that “last year the people of Portmore were already significantly burdened by significant increases in toll rates; in a struggling economy characterized by a sliding dollar and high inflation. This move can only be seen as another unconscionable step.”

“The residents, who are primarily civil servants, have been have seen no increase in their wages for years now and as such this act will further cripple these persons by reducing their real wages and their ability to care for themselves and their families” continued Gordon
Government Lacks Political Will

The organization noted that it had pleaded with the government last year to renegotiate the contract with the toll authority in line with other negations that had to be had with bond holders due to the constraints of the IMF agreement. However to date the Government has not responded to that call and has instead allowed the Toll authority to continue to plunder the people of Portmore.

“The country at this time requires leadership, a leadership that understands the people of this country, a people who can no longer be saddled with any more burdens. People may argue as they did last year that the raise isn’t significant but with an economy battling for its life, any increase in the cost of living has a direct impact on the pockets of the population.” Stated General Secretary Omar Francis

The Group is also calling upon the Minister of Transport and the Portmore Municipal Council to intervene and find a way to protect the people of Portmore from the Toll Authority’s incessant disregard for the people or its corporate social responsibility to balance the generation of profit with the plight of the citizens.


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