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On Tuesday February 7, 2012 Exec Direct Aviation Services Limited, EDA expanded its air cargo service to Miami International Airport, MIA, and will make Miami its preferred gateway into the USA. This move is an expansion of the airlines Florida operations and is aimed at satisfying as well as generating increased requests for airfreight services to Miami and from Miami to other Caribbean and Latin American destinations.

MIA is the world's largest gateway to Latin America & the Caribbean and controls the north / south cargo flows in the Western Hemisphere. Handling 83% of all air imports and 81% of all exports from the Latin American / Caribbean region, MIA serves as the hub for distribution of perishable products, hi-tech commodities, telecommunications equipment, textiles, pharmaceuticals and industrial machinery.  The airport’s infrastructure and facilitation of cargo operations is more suitable for EDA’s all cargo service and will enable the growth of the airline.

Mr. Kamal Clarke, Chief Operating Officer (COO) for EDA, says, “The decision to expand and shift EDA operations to MIA from Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, FLL, is a strategic move that will see a higher utilization of our SAAB 340A aircraft which has a capacity of 8,000 pounds. The move will improve airfreight service for the local and overseas market by meeting our clients’ needs. Just recently for example we had a request to airfreight a full load of yams but we were unable to fill the request because the client wanted the service for Miami.”

EDA will initially be operating two flights per week to Miami with flights departing Kingston on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 4:30 p.m. and returning to Kingston on Wednesday and Friday mornings arriving at 8:30 a.m.. Service to Fort Lauderdale will still be offered by EDA on-demand, providing greater flexibility in our service for some clients.

The COO notes, “We have found significant operational benefits in running early morning flights into Kingston which includes the ability of our clients to clear their shipment on the same day it arrives in Kingston. Also our Miami service will not only offer more air cargo options to and from Miami for local businesses but will provide access to a greater number of destinations within the US, Latin America and Europe thereby expanding trade opportunities."

EDA began cargo flights to Florida in November 2011 and is the first Jamaican owned all-cargo carrier to benefit from the arrangements for cargo service to the USA under the Open Skies Agreement. The permit allows EDA to engage in foreign air transportation of property and mail between any point or points in Jamaica and gateways in the USA or from other points in a third country or countries to the USA.

Mr. Clarke is encouraging Jamaican importers and exporters to give their full support to a Jamaican owned all cargo airline and “Fly Jamaican”.  He says, “We are committed to working with our clients to understand their air cargo needs and assist them in taking advantage of the trade opportunities for their businesses, which is being enhanced by the expansion of our service to Miami.”

EDA’s corporate office is located on Ripon Road, Cross Roads, Kingston. Telephone 618-5884. Its website is

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