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Food for the Poor donates IV Fluid to the Ministry of Health

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Food For The Poor (FFP) Jamaica - our nation’s largest charity organisation, has fulfilled its promise to the Ministry of Health by donating 16,000 units of Intravenous (IV) Fluid.

The handover of the IV Fluid, which was sourced by Food For The Poor’s head office in Florida, took place this morning at Food For The Poor Jamaica’s Chapel in Ellerslie Pen, Spanish Town.

On behalf of the nation, the Honourable Dr Fenton Ferguson, Minister of Health, accepted the IV Fluid valued at approximately  US$15,600 ( J$1.75 million), from officials of Food For The Poor.

In his remarks, Dr Ferguson said he was elated because Food For The Poor sourced and donated these units to the health sector at a time when they needed it most.

“A few months ago, it was reported that there was a shortage of intravenous fluids in Jamaica resulting from a worldwide scarcity,” Dr Ferguson said. “Thankfully, our facilities have systems in place to deal with issues such as this, and so we did not completely run out of fluids. In addition, the National Health Fund had an emergency stock which it had begun to distribute and had quickly sourced IV fluids from alternate suppliers.”

He continued: “We, therefore, had supplies available to our facilities during that period. I would however like to note that within a short time after hearing about this issue, Food For The Poor contacted us and indicated that they would provide support in terms of sourcing fluids for the health sector. I was in no way surprised by this. Food For The Poor has been consistent in their support for the Ministry of Health and the health sector as a whole. We are thankful to have them as a partner in health and one we can always count on.”

This donation includes: 1,000 millilitre bottles of fluid, 500 ml bottles of fluid, 50 ml bottles of fluid and approximately 50,000 10ml vials.

Andrew Mahfood, Chairman of Food For The Poor Jamaica, said when it was announced that there was a shortage in the amount of IV Fluid needed for distribution in the country, the organisation had to act and source as much as they could.

“We at Food For The Poor are sympathetic to the challenges that the Ministry faces as they try to provide quality health care for the Jamaican people. It is for this reason that over the past 30 years of our existence, we have been assisting with donations of equipment, disposables and pharmaceuticals for your clinics, infirmaries and hospitals,” Mr Mahfood said.

Mr Mahfood added that today’s donation would have not been possible without the generous contribution of donors worldwide: “Let me hasten to say that none of this would be possible without the contribution of thousands of donors, both here and abroad, who share in our dedication to that Divine order, ‘As often as you did it for the least of my brothers and sisters, you did it for me’.”

“Some of our donors are humble pensioners in the US who give instructions to their banks for automatic deductions from their modest pensions because they care so much for the poor,” Mr Mahfood added.

In 2013, Food For The Poor donated over 200 wheelchairs, 40 hospital beds, operating theatre lights and stretchers and equipped lounge areas for medical personnel. The value of FFP’s donations over the past two years equates to approximately $3.16-billion.

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