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The RMP Group is excited to announce their commitment to Do Good Jamaica’s “Crayons Count!”Project

The RMP Group | 2012-02-24 11:11:00

One of the The RMP Group Foundation’s three initiatives is youth education; so, missing out on this opportunity to provide thousands of children with the tools necessary for early childhood learning, was not an option.  Throughout the next six months, The RMP Group will not only assist through monetary donations or donating items,however, we are excited to take a more hands-on approach by assisting Do Good Jamaica with sourcing the products to fulfill the goals ofCrayons Count!


Do Good Jamaica is a charitable organization, whose founder, Deika Morrison, is responsible for leading the Rotary Clubs of Jamaica to breaking the Guinness World Record for The Most Books Donated to Charity in Seven Days.She was so inspired by the “ability of so many organizations and individuals to achieve a single objective” that it lead her to start Do Good Jamaica, and a project built on the same model of partnership and collaboration, Crayons Count!  There are two main objectives of Crayons Count! - to create and provide a learning kit for each early childhood institution across the island of Jamaica, and to increase awareness of the importance of early childhood education.  


Jamaica has a serious shortage of learning material for children - for the most part they don't have books, crayons etc. With limited or no access to the appropriate learning materials, children lack in social and intellectual development. In turn, this creates serious challenges at the primary and secondary school levels where children enter higher grades without the foundation to progress comfortably though the system.

Partnering with Do Good Jamaica allows the RMP Group to make significant change in the lives of, not only the children, but in the minds of uninformed adults who do not realize the importance of early childhood education.


The learning kits will be distributed in the first few weeks of the new school year in September.

Learn more about how to get involved with Do Good Jamaica, The RMP Group and many others for this exciting initiative by visiting

DeikaMorrsionbelieves “Together, we can change a generation”, as does the RMP Group.

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