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G2K not a part of PNPYO Protest

G2K | 2014-08-17 00:00:00

Generation 2000, the young professional of the affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party, has noted with concern media reports of a planned joint protest with the PNPYO, stemming from a media release from that organization with regards to the Mario Deane matter.

“Unfortunately it was only yesterday evening that the planned protest was brought to our attention at which time we indicated that if it were to be a joint initiative we would need some time to agree on the parameters included the overarching objective and follow up plans for sustainability. We wish the PNPYO well in this initiative and are happy that they are joining us in the call for more attention to be paid to the plight of persons in the care of the state” said Dwight Crawford, Chairman, G2K West.

The organization urged the PNPYO to also support the call for the strengthening of our oversight bodies which protect our human rights, through the creation of a Human Rights Commission and will urge the Government to provide adequate resources for our penal institutions.

"We hope that this is the catalyst for a much broader discussion and we will be reaching out to the PNP YO next week to formalize the conversation and put in a sustainable plan of action so that our generation can create a society where all citizens are treated equally and where justice is paramount" Floyd Green, President, G2K.

In closing, Generation 2000 wishes to again extend its condolences to the family of Mario Deane.

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