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Digicel Interns donate over $100,000 in gifts to Children's Home

Digicel Jamaica | 2014-09-01 00:00:00

Digicel’s Graduate Recruitment Programme interns have this summer ended their internships with much more that professional experience. The nine bright young men and women whose last day with the company was on Friday, August 29, have also gained an invaluable lesson in the importance of giving back.

In addition to completing projects in their various assigned roles the youngsters were tasked with developing an initiative which would see them giving back to an institution which aids the less fortunate. “The aim is to not only create work professionals but also instill in them morals and values that will make them exemplary citizens of Jamaica. I am truly impressed with the students project, they took it on with such enthusiasm and planned the entire thing from start to finish all by themselves,” said Martin Thame, Recruitment and Employee Development Manager.

With that mandate the ‘Giving and Reflecting Internship Project’ (GRIP) was born. After several meetings amongst themselves the team decided that the Missionaries of the Poor, Bethlehem Children’s Home would be the beneficiaries of their project.
The project saw the team visiting the home and assessing their needs. From there they created child profile cards which employees purchased for $100 in their Adopt-a-Child Charity Drive. Donation boxes were also placed on each floor in the Digicel headquarters where employees were encouraged to give items that they could, including, food, clothing, medication and toys.

For their efforts the team raised over $100,000 which was used to purchase items on the home’s wish list. This along with two hundred and sixty five items collected in the donation boxes were handed over to the home on August 21 at a treat held for the children. Recognising the need for technology in the home, 2 desktop computers were donated by the Digicel Foundation.

The impact of the project has been great for both the caregivers at Bethlehem Children’s Home and the interns.

Brother Augusto, Superior General for the home said, “It’s so ironic that you would call your programme GRIP, for us GRIP means: ‘God remains in people’ and He is in this group of interns who have helped us in such a big way this summer.”

Meanwhile Raymour Wilson, an intern in the Technical department said, “At first I was a bit shocked when I visited but after interacting with the kids and I saw how happy they were I felt compelled to reciprocate that feeling, and as such that was my experience throughout the project, a very happy one. GRIP in a few words for me would be life changing, it gives you the opportunity to stop for a few seconds and think not only for yourself but for others who are not able to help themselves.”


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