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Water tanks for twenty more schools

Digicel Jamaica | 2014-09-12 00:00:00

Digicel Kicks off Phase II of Donations and joins in the Water Tanks in Schools Push-up Challenge

Following the success of the donation of thirteen 650-gallon water tanks to schools by Digicel, the telecommunications company has now moved to donate an additional twenty tanks to other schools in need across Jamaica.

As such, during handover of tanks the St. George’s and St. Aloysius primary schools in Downtown Kingston recently, Barry O’Brien, CEO for Digicel Jamaica said, “Since the first set of water tank donations we have numerous requests from our customers on social media, email as well as through Customer Care. So, this time we are expanding our reach to include not only the parishes most affected by the drought but all parishes where the need exists.”

Of the twenty tanks in phase two of the initiative, five have been donated by Rototech International Limited - makers of Rhino Water Tank.

Terri Thomas, general manager at Rototech, who was also at the handover said, “Digicel approached us and we like what they are doing in terms of community support, which is certainly in line with our own philosophy. So we are delighted to be a part of this initiative.” She continues, “Every year, there is an issue with water but especially this year the drought has been particularly severe and it should hurt every Jamaican when they hear that a school has to be closed due to a lack of water. It is therefore not only the responsibility of Digicel or Rototech, but the responsibility of all Jamaicans to do what we can to ensure that schools have the correct facilities needed to stay open.”

Challenging Jamaica

In lobbying the support of the wider Jamaica to assist schools in need, the #WTSPushupsChallenge was therefore born, a challenge that the Digicel CEO has thrown the full support of his company behind. In fact, at the start of phase two of its own water tank donations, O’Brien, who had forfeited the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, had made the call to localize such social media trends making it more relevant to Jamaicans.

Leading by example, O’Brien and members of his senior management team have since accepted the challenge by doing 10 pushups each then making their donations to the NCB account. “The WTS challenge is certainly in line with our ethos of giving back and already we have seen where many of our customers have done their pushups and made their donations,” said O’Brien.

Corporate Jamaica is also joining in as companies such as Stewarts Automotive Group, BMW Jamaica and Flow have so far completed the challenge and made donations. Videos of these companies and Digicel completing the challenge may be seen on the Digicel’s social media pages. 

Other persons across Jamaica can now play their part by participating in the #WTSPushupsChallenge by doing their push-ups and then making their contributions of $500 each to National Commercial bank account number 371088881. If some choose not to do the pushups, they will contribute $1000 to the cause.

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