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No confidence in Minister Ferguson says G2K

G2K | 2014-09-30 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party today expressed a complete loss of confidence in the ability of Minister Fenton Ferguson to continue his stewardship of the Ministry of Health.

“His management of the Chikungunya crisis truly epitomizes what has been a “lack luster” stewardship of the portfolio since his appointment in January 2012", said Floyd Green president of G2K

Green went on to characterize Minister’s Ferguson’s Leadership as “reactive” and “dismissive” and “filled with missteps that have eroded every ounce of confidence that Jamaicans may have had in the Minister”.

Abysmal Record

G2K noted that after almost three years of the tenure of Minister Ferguson, the Health Services are on the brink of implosion with a shortage of basic medical supplies and beds at some of the country’s leading medical facilities. The Sector has also been plagued by industrial action by doctors at Cornwall Regional Hospital due to short payment of their salaries and has seen salary deductions from health workers not being paid over to third parties.

Additionally while the organization credits Minister Ferguson for making strides in the public health issue of smoking, it notes that this too was mired in a series of missteps that led to the promulgation of the regulations without sufficient consultation and to the eventual withdrawal and changes.

Chikungunya Reponse

The organsation further added that despite the first reported case in the Caribbean being recorded 10 months ago and in spite of Minster Ferguson’s assurance that the Ministry has been preparing for two years for the virus, the response from the Ministry appears disjointed, uncoordinated and largely ineffective at adequately informing the public or slowing the spread of the Virus

“For the Minister to admit that it was only on the September 25, 2014 that he convened a multi-sectoral taskforce is a clear indication that there is a leadership crisis and deficit at the Ministry" continued Green

“In fact the Minister’s address to the Nation only confirmed our deepest fears that Minister is yet to grasp the severity of the crisis and to craft an appropriate response that can be provided in a clear structured form which includes the strategy to be employed, timelines, budget and source of funds” concluded Green.

G2K urged the Prime Minister to stop divorcing herself from the issue and to move swiftly to restore credibility to the leadership of the Ministry of Health as that of Minister Ferguson’s has been irreparably damaged.


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