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JMA statement on Flexi-Work

Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association | 2014-11-06 00:00:00

The Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association (JMA) supports the introduction of the flexi-work arrangement, as it anticipates that this will boost production and productivity in the manufacturing sector. This arrangement will also bring about a shift in culture, as more businesses adapt flexible hours.

The potential is great for flexi-work to drive efficiency and profitability on the part of the company. It also increases job prospects and affords employees the opportunity to earn more. The JMA however urges employers not to impose working arrangements, but to consult with workers, which may require renegotiation of contracts.

The JMA cautions that while there are clear benefits to flexi-work, businesses should ensure that their operations are so structured that the extended hours do not negatively impact operating costs such as utilities, without the commensurate benefit.

The Association believes that this thrust to increase flexibility in doing business is a step in the right direction, to drive commerce, attract investment and further improve Jamaica’s Doing Business rank.

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