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Youngster’s selfless gesture inspires Rock River Primary development

Digicel Jamaica | 2014-11-18 00:00:00

Four years ago 10-year old Wajay Jonas made a bold move. Motivated by the poor sanitary conditions in his then primary school, Rock River, Wajay set out to make a change by writing to Corporate Jamaica in the hope they would hear his plea.

“I realized that the pit latrine at the school were not safe. Students would stand on it and I was afraid they would fall in,” explained young Wajay. “I wouldn’t use it because of that and would have to wait till I got home in the evenings. As Deputy Head Boy at the time, I thought I needed to do something about it.”

Under the watchful eye of his mother, Lisa Williams, Wajay wrote four versions of his letter before getting it right to be sent to numerous corporate companies across the island. “I heard back from several of the companies who said they weren’t able to help but wished me luck with what I was going to do,” he said.

In 2012 his letter reached the Digicel Foundation who committed to building a new bathroom block for the school. Wajay, who is now attending St. George’s College, was excited former school. “I was very happy when I heard, and very shocked because it was so long ago. I just wanted them to get it really quick,” he added.

Wajay is now considered a local in his community and by his past school. He says the experience has taught him many lessons, ““It has inspired me in knowing I can do just about anything to help anyone, to put my mind to the task I’m given. I will carry this with me for the rest of my life.”

With a love for science and mathematics, Wajay aspires to become a hydrologist in the future and according to his mother, he has shown the potential to become a leader in any field. “Wajay is a bright and considerate boy. When he decided to write the letter, I wasn’t surprised because he has always shown leadership skills through his extracurricular activities. When he was in the 4H Club he built his own poultry farm and won various awards,” she said.

The bathroom block at the Rock River Primary was recently completed by the Digicel Foundation in partnership with Food for the Poor and the National Education Trust, and will cater to the student population of over 90.


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