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Prime Minister does not respect the people of Jamaica – G2K

G2K | 2014-11-25 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party, has accused Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller of not respecting the people of Jamaica, and has called upon members of civil society and the PSOJ to take strong action to secure the future of the National Housing Trust.

The Organisation was responding to Prime Minister Simpson Miller’s announcement late yesterday evening, appointing four new Board members to the Board of the National Housing Trust and retaining 8 members, including embattled Chairman Easton Douglas. The Prime Minister’s announcement came in the face of calls from various organizations, including the Jamaica Council of Churches and the Parliamentary Opposition, for the dismissal of the entire NHT Board.

Floyd Green, President of G2K said “It is clear that the Prime Minister does respect us or our hard earned money. We are forced to contribute to a scheme from which the majority of us will never benefit and the Prime Minister instead of dismissing the Board for its misguided and wasteful use of our money, the PM rewards their arrogance and misinformation. This we think is the highest form of disrespect.”

The Organisation indicated that it is consulting with its membership base about taking action that will send a clear signal to the Prime Minister that the young people of Jamaica will not tolerate this sort of disregard of their future.

“We have had enough of the Prime Minister’s refusal to act on behalf of the people, especially the young people of this country. The time has come for all well thinking members of society to send a strong message to the PM that she represents all of Jamaica and not just the persons who are loyal to the PNP" continued Green

The organization also urged all members of civil society, the PSOJ, the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, Jamaica Employers Federation to take strong action, to secure the future of the NHT and the youth our country.

“We see the Prime Minister consistently moving her government in the direction of a quasi-dictatorship. She does not speak to the media or the people of Jamaica on national issues. She holds in disregard the opinion of the Parliamentary Opposition, the Church, Civil Society as well as the Private Sector. It appears as if her only concerns are the views and jobs of the few loyalists that surround and advise her”concluded Floyd Green.


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