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Digicel Ultimate Mission finalists gear up for 48 hours in car together

Digicel Jamaica | 2015-01-14 00:00:00

With less than 24 hours to go, the four customers who were selected to complete the Digicel Ultimate Mission have been making mental and physical preparations to endure 48-hours in a car together.

“My car broke down on Monday [January 13] so I am even more motivated to win this A3,” said Patricia Gillings, who has been plagued by mechanical problems since she purchased her car a few years ago.

“I have also been measuring how often and the amount of water I drink as well as how often I need to go to the bathroom. I've been walking a lot to relax my mind because I want to be mentally prepared; calm and ready to take advantage of the situation” continued Gillings.

While in the car, the contestants will be given 20 challenges (missions) to complete during the 48-hour period. The lone male in the Ultimate Mission, Andre Bowyer, believes that his physical condition will increases his chances of winning.

“I’m fit so I am prepared for these missions, no matter what they are and I have been taking my one-a-day vitamins so I’m ready,” shared a confident Bowyer.

Equally confident is Sacha Shaw Cuthbert who has been sharpening her survival skills.  “I don’t want to reveal all my secrets—but I’ve been trying to get as much rest as possible - and as for the other 3 contestants, I am not worried about sharing a space with them for 48 hours because I think I get along with almost anyone.”

In the meantime, Keisha Lawrence has been taking an entirely different approach to winning the Audi A3, “I’ve been printing flyers and going out into the streets campaigning and I’m getting the love everywhere—it’s like I’m a celebrity.”

The public can vote for their favourite contestants through call or text votes to their unique numbers as well as free online from Digicel’s Facebook page. Voting ends at 7pm on Saturday, January 7th across all platforms. The winner of the Ultimate Mission will be chosen based on points gained from completing the challenges as well as points from text/call and online votes.

The Digicel Ultimate Mission will be streamed live for 48 hours through the Digicel Facebook page or customers can watch the happenings live on location at 1 Waterloo Road (across from Devon House). The Ultimate mission will culminate with a concert at the venue on Saturday, January 17 with performances by I Octane, Tifa, Ding Dong, Chi Ching Ching and Jermaine Edwards.



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