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G2K expresses grave concern about delayed revision of the National Youth Policy

G2K | 2015-01-28 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party, has taken Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna to task for what it calls an unacceptable delay in the revision of the National Youth Policy.

The organisation noted that in Minister Hanna’s 2013 Sectoral presentation the country was promised that the Green Paper of the revised National Youth Policy would have been tabled in parliament by September 2013; however 16 months later and the Green paper has not seen the light of day.

“This cannot be the standard of leadership that we as a people will tolerate” said Floyd Green, President of G2K. “The Minister has provided no clear reason for the delay nor has been able to present the nation with a new time frame for the completion of the revised policy. How can a youth ministry effectively function if the policy direction is in a state of abeyance?” continued Green

G2K noted that its concerns have been heightened following the findings of the auditor General in her 2014 report which indicated that:
“…the Ministry of Youth and Culture engaged the services of a Consultant, in September 2012, to spearhead the revision process. The revision process was originally slated for completion in June 2013. However, the scheduled completion date was extended to February 2014. The consultancy is yet to be completed” Pg. 89, AG Report 2014

Vice President of the organization Ronique Rhoden said ‘ it is no wonder that with each passing  day more young people are losing hope and trying to flee their island home, as the Ministry charged with intervening in the lives of these youths, especially those deemed unattached has no clear direction and strategy. The Minister must make up her mind if she is about tangible deliverables or optics.”

The organisation called upon the youth Minister to provide the country with a fullsome update as to the status of the revision of the National Youth Policy.



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