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Jamaican medical marijuana company launched with symposium at UWI

| 2015-03-09 00:00:00

A Jamaican medical marijuana company, JAMED Co. Ltd. on Thursday evening launched its company through an informative medical and scientific based presentation at the new Medical Science faculty at the University of the West Indies.

JAMED represents a Jamaican company formed with an interest in securing a license in the new and soon to emerge medical cannabis industry. The company has been anxiously awaiting the recent approval by both Houses of Parliament which essentially decriminalizes cannabis of two ounces or less. The recent reform also occasions the establishment of a Cannabis Licensing Authority which will act as the body to regulate and grant licenses for the industry.

JAMED has formed a strategic partnership with APOLLON Formularies to create a medically driven and scientific approach to the effective utilization of the cannabis plant. This partnership aims to create a suite of proprietary products and services that will afford the medical fraternity an innovative alternative to patients care.

The guests were treated to informative presentations from functionaries of both JAMED and APOLLON.

The evening proceedings were facilitated by Mr. Stephen Patterson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JAMED. In commenting on the launch event, he stated: “The time and circumstance for Cannabis is now for it to take its rightful place among one of the top plants on the planet to create health and wellness for all.”

He further stated, “People are suffering and dying every day from illnesses that we know can be effectively treated by cannabis. Jamaica is uniquely placed to provide for the needs of people through the medical marijuana industry due to its fertile conditions for growth and scientific research. This is complemented by the move to develop a Logistics Hub which will allow the pharmaceutical products developed to reach a wider market and by extension, more of the world’s sick and suffering.” 

APOLLON’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Stephen Barnhill M.D, also commented that: “It was truly an honour to formally introduce APOLLON Formularies, Inc. to Jamaica. We look forward to working in association with the Jamaican people to create the world’s most effective cannabis based pharmaceutical products for Jamaicans, Jamaica’s tourists and patients around the world where the importation of medical cannabis products are legal.

Mr. Dave Sayers, Vice President and Director of Farming operations, a Jamaican and graduate of the College of Agriculture Science and Education (CASE), further stated that: “The JAMED, APOLLON partnership provides a framework for significant economic impact on small farmers, prospective growers, universities & colleges, health & tourism sectors. The plan for implementation will be a “Game Changer” for Jamaica and more specifically Jamaicans”.

Also on the panel of presenters was Dr. Herb Fritsche, Chief Scientific Officer of APOLLON Formularies who is a world-renown clinical chemist with over forty years’ experience in cancer research at the M.D Anderson Cancer Center, also commented that: "The collaboration of JAMED and APOLLON with the University of the West Indies will be a great opportunity to advance the science of cannabis and establish the clinical utility of new treatments for cancer and other diseases. The work performed here will benefit patients here & all over the world.”


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