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G2K urges PM to restore credibility

G2K | 2015-03-24 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party, is today calling on the Prime Minister to use her contribution to restore her credibility in light of her failed promises to the Jamaican people.

Noting the recent budget presentation by the Minister of Finance last Tuesday the organizationcontinues to concur with the widely held view that an undue tax burden continues to be placed on an unacceptably small population of compliant taxpayers.

G2K is today calling on Prime Minister Simpson Miller to reflect on the promise she made to the Jamaican people to relieve the burden of GCT. “We have heard the cries of the people, we have listened and we feel the pain”, Simpson-Miller said in her budget presentation 2012/2013.

“It is clear that the Prime Minister, who is chief officer of the Government of Jamaica, no longer sees the value of listening to the cries of the people. These new tax measures will add greater pressures to never increasing deposable income of the same people whose pain she once felt”, said Matthew Samuda, President of G2k.

“In her failure to fulfill her promises, the Prime Minister has added weight to a widely held view by young people that politicians are not trustworthy and seek only to leave behind a trail of broken promises with hopes of securing votes at the polls” Samuda further argued.

Additionally, the organization further believes the imposition of a 16.5% GCT on electricity for consumers using 350 kwH and above is contradictory and contrary to stimulating economic growth.

The Organization further calls for clarity on the extension of the environmental levy of 5%. The limited details provided by the Minister, do not provide clarity on whether each supplier of goods in the domestic supply chain will be required to pay this levy. This, G2K believes would result in the multiple imposition of the levy if a credit is not granted generally across all industries.

G2K is of the opinion that for this new system to be efficient extensive reporting/administration will be required, a situation in which the current Administration’s track record implies no assurances.


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