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Digicel Business delivers safe and secure cloud storage solution for eCARIB

Digicel | 2015-03-27 00:00:00

Digicel Business revolutionised eCarib Marketing with its cloud storage solution which offered the highest level of protection and access for its design files and improved the turnaround time on its projects.

Founded in 2012, eCarib Marketing is a subsidiary of the eCarib Group, the parent of a diverse group of companies whose operations include marketing, civil engineering consultancy and construction, luxury real estate and e-commerce. eCarib Marketing is based in Barbados and offers a suite of marketing and business development services across the region.

The Challenge:

The eCarib Marketing team needed a solution that provided a high level of data security, easy access and large storage capabilities for all of its files. Managing Director at eCarib Marketing, Simone Stanford, said; “The primary issues for us were having unlimited amounts of cloud storage for our Photoshop and Illustrator files, as well as allowing our graphic designers to edit design work for clients quickly.”
“Not having this solution meant slower turnaround times. The problem had an impact on our timeline because design work and edits for clients took longer than expected. We place a high value on delivering the highest quality of work, but we also want to ensure that it is delivered in a timely manner and so we we’re constantly looking for solutions to this problem,” continued Ms Stanford.

The Solution:

Simone was introduced to Digicel Business’ cloud storage solution and was impressed with the ease of implementation and usability. “I had read about the Cloud Services provided by Digicel Business in an article about seminars it had hosted for its clients. I then contacted a Digicel Business representative who suggested the Digicel Professional Drive product,” she said.

“In addition to the fast and efficient assistance provided by the Digicel Business team, the application was so simple to use that everyone was brought up to speed very quickly and the team is pleased with the service,” continued Simone.

Digicel Business Sales Manager, David Gilligan, said; “The solution we implemented was the Digicel Professional Drive, which we believed was a perfect match for the young, energetic and dynamic company. All that was required to implement the Drive was a strong internet connection, laptops and the necessary log-in information.

He continued; “The power of the solution is that it gives our clients the ability to edit and preview files, including MS Office, Photoshop, CAD, images and more, but it also provides an ease of use through mobile access, preview and share, global web access, “drag n’ drop” interface, send secure links, eliminates large-sharing via email, set standards through automatic notifications and increase operational efficiency through desktop syncing. My team worked with Simone’s team to go through the product and familiarise them with the new material.”

The Results:

Simone concluded by saying; “One of the major benefits of the service is that we are now able to edit documents at the same time and view the edited changes immediately once saved. The drive also saves all of the edits in the event an error is made and it is possible to revert to an earlier draft as opposed to starting over. For a fast-paced, wireless company like ours, this is very beneficial to us and our clients.

Time is money in our business. Thanks to Digicel Business, we have peace of mind that all of our files are triple encrypted which gives us the assurance that our client’s information is safe.”

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