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MP Daryl Vaz condemns the sexual assault of 2 Cuban nurses in Buff Bay

| 2015-03-30 00:00:00

Daryl Vaz, Member of Parliament for West Portland has congratulated the Portland Police in the swift apprehension of a suspect in the sexual assault of 2 Cuban nurses in the town of Buff Bay in his constituency early this morning.  It is alleged that the perpetrator broke in on the 2 women who are assigned to and live on the premises of the Buff Bay health clinic.   Mr. Vaz in condemning the incident,  lamented  that violence in any form against women and young girls cannot be tolerated and expressed concern at the sharp increase in such incidents across the island, these crimes taking centrestage in the recent upsurge in the crime statistics.  

The MP said that he will be visiting  the nurses later today in hospital to add whatever comfort and solace he can to them.  Mr. Vaz also called  on the Ministry of Health to arrange the necessary counselling to minimize any long term psychological effects on them.  Mr. Vaz said that he hoped that this would not tarnish or jeopardize in any way the various health programmes  between Jamaica and Cuba as Jamaica has benefitted tremendously in this bilateral arrangement over several decades.  

Mr. Vaz said that it was troubling to know that such an incident had taken place in the peaceful town of Buff Bay and the usually quiet Parish of Portland and  that this was not typical behavior of the citizens of Portland which has enjoyed a decrease in crimes across the board.

Mr. Vaz took note of  a recent report that new police figures indicated that sexual offences against young women in the neighbouring Parish of St. Mary had also increased and called on the Commissioner of Police to take urgent action to stem the rise of these offences in the Eastern parishes.

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