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G2K alarmed at high murder rate

G2K | 2015-04-29 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), is expressing alarm at the continued spate of murders and violent crimes that continue to affect every single Jamaican, and more particularly, at the number of our children who are murdered each week.

At a press conference held at the JLP Headquarters recently, G2K Legal Adviser Alando Terrelonge, stated, “Jamaica continues to record an average murder rate of approximately 1500 murders each year, making Jamaica one of the deadliest places to live in the world. However, in spite of the alarming murder rates, In January 2015, our Security Minster told the nation, “don’t be unduly alarmed.” When a nation averages 3-4 murders each day, the entire country needs to be alarmed. We at G2K are alarmed! Every single Jamaican we know, besides the Security Minister is alarmed!”

G2K is concerned that in a nation where firearms are not manufactured, approximately 600 illegal firearms are seized by the police each year. Jamaica has one of the highest rates of gun murders in the world, with an average of 47 per thousand of the population. Over the last 12 years, more than 10,600 murders have been committed by guns, and there have been more than 8500 shootings. Guns have also been used in more than 17000 robberies.

According to the Terrelonge, despite the best efforts of our security forces, over 240 Jamaicans have been murdered since the start of the year. Terrelonge said that, “We do not believe that this Government is serious about fighting crime. Our Government continues to pay lip service to Vision 2030, and the harsh reality is that until we have a Security Minister who can effectively deploy our resources and the man power to protect our borders and stem the flow of illegal guns into our island, Jamaica will never be the ideal place to live and raise families and do business.”

The organisation further noted that in March, 2015, the Minister of National Security said that crime was trending downwards and that there is a degree of normalcy that has returned to Jamaica. Terrelonge asked, “Is it normal to average 1500 murders each year? Is it normal for Jamaica to be known as the land of Sun Sand and Savagery? Is it normal for three teens in Monymusk to be murdered execution style? Is it normal for our children to be raped and murdered each week?

G2K noted that given Jamaica's geographic location, the island is further susceptible to violent crimes which stem from the illicit and unregulated trade in guns and narcotics. Terrelonge noted that, “We at G2K are disappointed that we have not heard from Madam Prime Minister or the Security Minister of the plans, programmes or policies that they will provide to protect our borders and ensure that the flow of guns into Jamaica is restricted.” G2K is recommending that rather than waste the nation’s resources on questionable and failed projects such as Outameni, that the nation’s financial resources be used to properly secure our borders with the purchase of more high speed boats to patrol our waters and the purchase of scanners to search for firearms at  our ports.

In concluding, Terrelonge stated that, “It is time for us to create a new normal for crime in Jamaica. It is time we became serious about fighting crime. The DNA legislation must be fast tracked, body cameras for police and cameras for the buildings in hot spots such as Kingston, Spanish Town and Montego Bay must be purchased. It is time we removed the stain of Sun Sand and Savagery from our island.”


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