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G2K rolls out slate of local Labour Day Projects

G2K | 2015-05-25 00:00:00

Labour Day was originally celebrated in commemoration of May 23, 1938, when Sir. Alexander Bustamante led a Labour Rebellion, which helped to secure Jamaica’s independence. This year, Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party, will be utilizing its national chapter machinery to focus on specific needs in local communities, instead of a national project.

This Labour Day the organization seeks to embody, as best as possible, the spirit of service of Sir Alexander Bustamante. He was the champion advocate of grass-roots people and local representation. “It is important that Jamaicans, from all walks of life, find ways to serve their local communities, in order to sustain all that our forefathers fought so hard to secure,” said Matthew Samuda, President of G2K.

Among G2K’s Labour Day Projects are: 

  • A beautification project at Mountain View Primary 
  • Tree planting in Mona, St. Andrew 
  • Refurbishing of the playground and other areas of the Montego Bay Infant School 
  • Painting of walls of the Annotto Bay Primary School and bus stops in the town 
  • Refurbishing of an infirmary in St. Ann 
  • Major clean-up projects in Gregory Park and Edgewater in Portmore, St. Catherine

Though Jamaicans, who are struggling to cope in this severely austere environment, may not be able to afford large scale community projects, there is no substitute for the spirit of community involvement. “Regardless of size and scale, Labour Day projects foster community spirit, which if sustained over the long term can help to mitigate other national challenges, such as crime fighting and limited resource allocation,” said Stephen Edwards, Vice President of G2K.

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