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CaPRI hosts conference in London June 1-3

CaPRI | 2015-05-29 00:00:00

The Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CaPRI), Wilton Park, JN Foundation and the Caribbean Council In association with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, will host an event (Caribbean 2030) in London, England June 1 -3,2015. The event will seek to answer a number of pertinent questions that will affect both the future of Jamaica and the Caribbean when we bring together a number of future leaders to answer pertinent questions. Among these questions are; how do the new and next generation of leaders in the Caribbean see the future? What is their vision for 2030 and beyond? How can they work better together to face the economic, political and security challenges and opportunities they face? How do they envisage the Caribbean countries can best work together in the future?

CaPRI will provide three presentations at the conference from Dr. Damien King, Dr. Christopher Tufton and Dr. Suzanne Shaw. The conference will also see presentations from our Gold Circle member Kevin Hendrickson from Continental Baking Company, The Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Andrew Holness and Minister of State in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining the Hon. Julian Robinson. Dr Trevor Munroe from the National Integrity Action will also present.

Social media engagement is encouraged for this event. Comments might include a summary of what is being said (non-attributable), the direction of the discussion or general impressions of the conference. For Twitter users, please include @CapriCaribbean when tweeting and we will retweet your message.

Partner twitter handles: @foreignoffice  @JNFoundation  @CaribbeanCouncil  @nationalbakery @wiltonpark


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