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Excuses for election postponement insufficient says G2k

G2K | 2015-07-01 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2k), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party is labeling the move by the Government to postpone local government elections as improper and inexcusable.
Local government elections are constitutionally due every 3 years. The people of Jamaica are ready to exercise their democratic right to elect their local government representatives; hence the excuses given yesterday by the Minister of Local Government, Noel Arscott, for postponing the elections for 18 months are woefully insufficient.  Among the excuses given are:
1.        Proposals for local government reform submitted to the cabinet

2.        3 strategic local government bills are at an advanced stage and will be tabled before the end of the parliamentary year

3.        Development of staff

4.        Revision of the electoral boundaries in Portmore
“All the excuses that were stated relate to well-known objectives that the government had 3 years to deal with.  The fact that they remain unresolved to date is clear evidence of the ineptness of the Minister of Local Government. Furthermore, none of the reasons given are substantive enough to warrant the delay of local government elections for 18 months,” said Matthew Samuda- President of G2K
The organization believes that People’s National Party is terrified of facing the electorate at this time for a number of documented reasons:
• The fact that people’s lives were better under the JLP government. The Human Development Index, which the United Nations uses to measure quality of life, shows that Jamaica has fallen from 83rd place in 2011 to 96th place in 2014
•  Allegations of corruption and abandonment of public duty at the parish council level, such as the scandals involving Shernet Haughton and Scean Barnswell, among others
• Recent infighting among the members of the PNP hierarchy and among their constituents
• The present wage dispute between the Government and the Public Sector
• The resurgence of the Trafigura Beheer matter, which remains unresolved due to lack of cooperation by members of the government with Dutch officials
• Public dissatisfaction with lack of growth in the economy and Jamaica now being ranked as one of the worst performing countries in the Caribbean
G2K believes that the postponement of local government elections is simply an abuse of power by the Government, whereby the ballot boxes are being held hostage in an effort to buy time to right the government’s wrongs. G2K is calling upon the Government to face the electorate and call the local government elections within the next 6 months.

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