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Fire set by vandals destroys Lime cell site equipment valued at $16 million

LIME | 2012-04-24 09:20:00

Vandals recently set fire to a LIME cell site at Bernard Lodge in St. Catherine, completely destroying the transmission equipment as well as the power generator and leaving the company with a $16 million repair bill.

The culprits incinerated the site by stuffing the equipment with numerous pieces of cardboard which were then used to ignite the fire.  The blaze destroyed the cabinets containing mobile transmission machinery valued at more than $10 million and the site’s electrical equipment.
The fire also ruined a brand new ElectraGen fuel cell, a “green” power generating system which LIME recently installed at the facility.  The company has been utilising ElectraGen units at some of its outside plant sites because the machines are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional generators.  Replacement of system will cost more than $3.7 million.
LIME’s Vice President Service Support & Delivery, Howard Mollison said the pointless nature of the damage is unprecedented. “As a company with an extensive outside plant we mostly have to contend with theft related vandalism; but this was ruinous and destructive,” he said.
“We have seen instances where fires have accidentally started because thieves disturb electrical equipment while trying to steal fuel from the generators, but this fire was deliberately and systematically set,” he added.
Ironically LIME was also making the switch to ElectraGen energy systems in an attempt to reduce vandalism of its cell sites.  In recent years the company has had to grapple with the repeated theft of fuel from its generators but the utilisation of the hydrogen powered ElectraGen was expected to significantly alleviate that problem.
“The fire destroyed our Base Transmission Station, the power infrastructure, the fuel cell and all the transmission equipment,” Mr. Mollison said.  “This was a deliberate and wanton act of criminality and we are unaware of what motivated the attack.”

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