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NEVA Alum recipient of Special New Student Columbia Award

PROComm | 2015-07-24 00:00:00

Just days ago, recent National Educational Venture Alliance (NEVA) Alum, Khaleel Atkinson, received word that she had not only been admitted to Columbia University, but was also the recipient of a special new student scholarship. Columbia is a renowned Ivy League institution in the United States.

“I am very excited about this news! I am so glad that I found Dr. Alexander’s SAT classes just in time!” said an enthusiastic Atkinson.

Having spent just 10 weeks at NEVA, Khaleel Atkinson improved her Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores by 300 points. The highest score on this test is 2400 and with Dr. Alexander’s help she was able to achieve an impressive score—one that was over 2000. The SAT exam is a compulsory exam for students aspiring to study in the USA.

Khaleel plans to pursue a career in medicine, research or pediatric surgery. Her decision to study medicine stems from a deep-seated fascination with intricacies of the human body and her desire to help others—especially children. A former Wolmer’s Trust High School for Girls student, Khaleel is no stranger to success as she received ten distinctions in CXC and another eight in CAPE.

Not only is the temperature heating up, but so are the SAT classes at NEVA. These Saturday sessions will begin on July 4 and end on August 29. A free SAT informational session will be held later this month for persons interested in learning more about the course offerings at NEVA.

Jamaicans across the island aspiring to acquire a degree from the United States, can attend NEVA’s classes in Kingston, Mandeville and Montego Bay. This training centre also has branches in New York and Florida.  For more information persons can call 925- NEVA  or email

During a recent interview with Atkinson, she revealed that she found out about NEVA through a friend. Once she began the classes, Atkinson was confident that she would excel in the exams.

“The entire programme is noteworthy. The content was relevant, and the instruction had me hooked. I was given a productive study schedule, tested often, exposed to more than 1000 new words, and given numerous tips and insights into the SAT exam,” said a poised Atkinson.

Dr. Alexander is an Adjunct Assistant Professor for the City of New York University’s SPS Program. In 2010, she was the Associate Chair for the College of Arts and Sciences at the Prince Mohammad University’s female campus in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This well-travelled young woman has been assisting students pursue their dreams of attending US Colleges and Institutions for over 15 years.

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