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PAJ condemns Mr. Warmington’s behaviour

Press Association Jamaica Of Jamaica | 2015-08-10 00:00:00

The Press Association of Jamaica  is condemning in the strongest possible terms, the behaviour of  Member of Parliament for South West St. Catherine Everald Warmington towards a Gleaner intern and other reporters at the JLP’s headquarters at Belmont Road.

While taking note that Mr. Warmington has apologized, we believe that his apology has much less impact that it otherwise would, given that this is but the latest in a  series of incidents in which Mr. Warmington has acted in this boorish, vulgar, and loutish way towards members of the media. We have heard his apologies before.

While we in the media are fully aware that we will often encounter opposition or obstacles as we try to do our job, Mr. Warmington’s behaviour as described goes beyond that which is acceptable.

We believe what Mr. Warmington needs to do now goes beyond a simple apology. He needs to find a way to assure Jamaicans that in a year or two, we will not be listening to another set of apologies after another offensive outburst. Enough is enough.

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