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PAJ notes RJR/Gleaner deal

Press Association Jamaica Of Jamaica | 2015-08-09 00:00:00

The Press Association of Jamaica has taken note of the announcement by the RJR Group and the Gleaner Company of a merger of their media operations.

While not commenting on the business aspects of the operations, the PAJ feels it necessary to stress that this partnership will result in a combination of Jamaica’s two largest media houses, and will therefore have profound implications for the media landscape.

The full implications will be revealed in the months and years ahead. However, we wish at this stage to urge the two entities to ensure that a diversity of voices in the media is preserved, that the independence of the newsroom from the boardroom is respected, and to ensure that press freedom in no way becomes a casualty of this deal.

Disclosure: Five members of the PAJ Executive, including the President, work for the RJR Group, and two members of the Executive work for the Gleaner.

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