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G2K reviews the condition of Jamaica’s youth

G2K | 2015-08-12 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party,  in celebrating International Youth Day 2015, today called attention to the condition of Jamaica’s youth. With the theme of Youth Day being “Youth Civic Engagement” the organization is using the annual occasion to play its part by observing Jamaica’s youth and considering whether there is an adequate plan for their development.

G2K notes that the Lisa Hanna-led Ministry of Youth and  Culture, is the ministry 'responsible for the development and welfare of Jamaica’s youth and serves to protect and enhance the lives of young people and assist them in becoming contributing members of society.'

However, President of G2K Matthew Samuda stated “The business of Jamaica’s youth has clearly been placed on the back-burner, hence putting Hanna’s stewardship into question”.

Samuda continued, “The levels of abuse being leveled against our children are at crisis proportions, yet the Minister who is charged with being the chief advocate for youth treats the situation with scant regard, offering nothing significant to remedy the situation.”

The organization is bringing attention to the lack of transparency and accountability with regards to the implementations of the Sadie Keating report. G2K has for years, repeated requests for a report from Sadie Keating, with no avail. Mrs. Keating, who in the Minster’s judgment, needed to be hired to implement the recommendations of a report that she herself authored over a decade ago.

Also, G2K is questioning whether the nation will ever know what is truly happening in our Children’s Homes and Places of Safety. The organisation is calling on Minister Hanna to publicize the findings/report on the Children’s Homes and Places of Safety Audit commissioned in December 2012.

“With rising unemployment and detachment among youth, the failure of homes and places of safety, and the Minister’s lack of activity with regards to improving the situation of the youth, there may not be much to celebrate on International Youth Day,” stated Ronique Rhoden - Vice-President of G2K.

“Hannah represents inactivity and dormancy,” continued Rhoden.

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