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Digicel Business expands fibre network to Elegant Corridor Fibre expansion to be completed by October

0 | 2015-08-21 15:02:00

By the end of October 2015, hotels and other businesses along Montego Bay’s Elegant Corridor will be able to benefit from high speed Dedicated Internet Access, powered by underground fibre from Digicel Business.  

A regional leader in ICT solutions, Digicel Business announced that the expansion of its fibre network to this key area of Montego Bay’s commercial district was well under way. This is in addition to the J$600M rollout one year ago in Kingston and the Montego Bay Freezone areas. 

"We’re delighted to announce this expansion of our state-of-the-art fibre network to the Elegant Corridor,” said Jason Corrigan, General Manager of Digicel Business. “In today’s business environment, having superior Internet connectivity is paramount and we want businesses to be able to avail themselves of all the opportunities that our fibre will provide.”

Corrigan added, “Having implemented fibre in other key commercial areas of the island, we’ve seen the revolutionary impact that this level of connectivity can offer to a business and we are happy that the businesses along the Elegant Corridor will also be able to enjoy these benefits.

Since the addition of Digicel Business to the fibre space in the Montego Bay Freezone a little over one year now, businesses have attested to benefiting from better value and overall a higher quality of service.

President of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gloria Henry, endorsed the development, saying, “As a chamber, we are very supportive of development within the community, especially development that makes the community more attractive to investors and business operators. We have seen that Digicel’s network has facilitated growth in the Business Process Outsourcing sector so we believe that the network will bolster the tourism businesses and other commercial operators along the Elegant Corridor.”

Henry continued, “It’s also very timely with the commission of the lighting for the Elegant Corridor and there are also a few other expansions taking place as well, like some of the hotels along that section and some other developments there. So I believe this is a good move on the part of Digicel to continue to expand its internet and telecoms infrastructure to support the development efforts of the Western region and in particular, Montego Bay.”

With statistics showing that easy access to high speed wireless internet remains at the top of the amenity list for guests, the tourism sector along the Corridor can look forward to seeing a significant boost to their guest satisfaction rate, which is by extension, an overall positive development for Jamaica’s tourism sector in general.

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