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G2K questions 50-Million Dollar Development Plan

G2K | 2015-09-01 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party has questioned the motive for the announced 50-million dollar development plan slated for St. Thomas. The organization has written off the plan as yet another election ploy, lacking in detail and substance.
 Generation 2000 is happy that the Government has finally recognized the cries of JLP MP James Robertson and JLP MP-Caretaker Delano Seiveright, about the need for opportunities for the people of St. Thomas.  However, the manner in which the plan is being put forward raises serious questions.
President of the organization Matthew Samuda stated with concern that “it is absolutely reckless to make promises that are void of details on real and sustainable growth, to a parish which has a parish council that earns less than 50 million dollars. The promises of milk and honey are obviously a ploy to gain votes”
 The organization has also voiced its disgust at the government for again dipping into NHT Funds for expenses which are not in line with the provision of housing. Generation 2000 calls on the Government to make public the reasons that were presented to the NHT board for use of the funds.
Vice President of G2K Dwight Crawford said, “Although Peter Phillips stated that there will be no more ‘run wid it’ projects, he must outline exactly what will be done to ensure that is not the same thing being re-branded” He continued “It is full time that the government assumes its responsibility of uplifting the Parish of St. Thomas, from being ranked the most impoverished to one that flourishes economically. The citizens are ripe with potential, hence sensible investments that will provide them with employment and economic activity must be made.”

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