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SCCU: Helping others help themselves

St. Catherine Co-operative Credit Union | 2012-05-03 10:42:00

Twenty three recipients turned out at 13 White Church Street this morning(May 1 2012) at 10am to receive cheques towards their causes. The S.C.C.U. (St. Catherine Co-operative Credit Union) hosted its cheque presentation ceremony in recognition of persons requesting financial support and assistance on the Friday, 27 April 2012.

In a series of ceremonies that have seen the organization giving back millions of dollars to its community and its environs, to bolster the hopes of the otherwise hopeless and give support in a time of adversity to those who have tried and have no one to turn to. We have recognized the efforts of organizations that are tireless in their efforts to champion the cause of the otherwise voiceless. Among those that have received some assistance are The Child Development Agency, Women’s Centre Foundation of Jamaica, Bogwalk High School, The Jamaica Pensioners Association and individuals who have displayed buoyancy and determination in some very trying circumstances.

In a very passionate speech made by Assistant Secretary of the Board, Samuel Cameron, “the credit union is a family that cares and where there is need we feel compelled to fill it in whatever capacity we can. As human beings it moves us to see others suffer and although we can’t give to improve the quality of life for everyone. We certainly try to help those that we can.”


The S.C.C.U. (St. Catherine Co-operative Credit Union) takes great pride in being the premier choice of financial institutions among Jamaicans. We believe in community and helping people to achieve their financial goals through making smart and sound decisions about their money. Whilst we foster a spirit of thrift we also distinguish the effort of our fellow Jamaicans when they give back to their communities. In keeping with the core values of our organization we continue to recognize the network within communities in and around St. Catherine by donating to their cause.


The principal of Bogwalk High School, Patrick C. Phillips, was equally as moving in his acceptance speech by highlighting that the SCCU has done a great deal where many have fallen short.

He extended his gratitude to the organization for assisting the school over the years and spoke on behalf of the 23 recipients present, by reinforcing how SCCU has continued to play a major role in changing the lives of many.

One such person is a former student of Bogwalk High School who was awarded the Winston Passley scholarship by the SCCU. The scholarship allocates $20,000.00 per year for 4 years and goes towards secondary school tuition and expenses. In addition examination fees are covered separately at the expense of the organization. 

The S.C.C.U. has been very successful in helping people gain a greater measure of control over their personal finances and it is incumbent that this translates into the quality of their lives. We will continue to see ourselves as agents of change in a world that continues to seek the light of guidance.  

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