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Government Senators should act with independent thought

G2K | 2015-10-15 00:00:00

Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party, is on the eve of debate of the CCJ Bill, calling on the thirteen Government Senators to be bold in thought and act with independence of will and vote against the CCJ bill now before them.

The organization wholeheartedly supports the position of the Opposition, Jamaica Labour Party and demands that the governing Peoples National Party give the choice to the citizens of Jamaica by way of a referendum at the same time of the upcoming General Elections.

“The government continues not only to fear, but also not to trust the electorate, its refusal to put this critical issue to the public by way of a referendum is evidence that it will pursue its goals of regionalism at all costs” said G2K’s President Matthew Samuda.

Generation 2000 has also taken note of the various civil society groups who have thrown their support behind this bill, and find it curious that they have been so noticeably silent in calling for necessary reforms and resources to be put behind our local justice system. It also notes that in the same week when six Jamaicans were brutally slain in Hanover, this instead was their cause of the moment.

Mr. Samuda went on to say “We wish to remind the Government that a referendum is a well-established form of direct democracy, when things which have such a great impact to the foundation of our society, it should be put to the people to make that choice. The PNP must now practice what it has recently been preaching in offering democracy not only to its delegates but to the wider Jamaica, and prove that “people power” is more than a slogan”.

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