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G2K rejects Fenton Ferguson's apology

G2K | 2015-10-30 00:00:00

The Gender Affairs Committee of Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party is publicly rejecting the apology from Dr Fenton Ferguson, regarding his recent statement in Parliament. The nation will not forget Dr. Ferguson’s cold and callus reference to premature babies as “not babies in a real sense”. The minister made this insensitive comment in parliament while responding to questions from the opposition members about the deadly bacterial outbreaks in the public hospitals, which have caused the deaths of 19 babies and counting.
 "Generation 2000 weeps for those who have lost babies as a result of the outbreaks of the Klebsiella and Serratia bacteria. It is important to remember that each baby carries the hopes and dreams of generations of families, from parents to grandparents and even great-grand parents. At this very moment expectant families with fast-approaching delivery dates are in a state of fear; a situation made worse by the lack of leadership, information, lack of accountability and the heartless comment by the Minister of Health", said Ronique Rhoden, Vice President of G2K.
 G2K's gender affairs committee adds that this recent situation points to the dismal state that our health care system has fallen into due to lack of leadership at all levels. In light of this, the organization reminds the Government of Jamaica that we have international obligations concerning the rights of children and women. Therefore, the ultimate responsibility of ensuring that there is adequate healthcare for all Jamaicans from the moment of conception rests with the state.
 Gender Affairs Chairperson, Dhalia Wright, further questioned the silence of the Prime Minister, Mrs. Simpson-Miller on such a stinging women’s issue. According to Wright, “There is no need to add a political character to this unfortunate situation. The grave reality is that there have been far too many instances of neglect and mismanagement during Dr. Ferguson’s tenure. Furthermore, in all these periods of uncertainty concerning healthcare (such as now), his initial response is denial, followed by trivializing the seriousness of reports, while lives are lost and the public’s health remains at risk. The minister’s heartless actions are simply manifestations of the arrogance and neglect meted out to the most vulnerable, such as the nation’s babies. The ministers apology was detached, insincere, political and provided no comfort to a grieving nation”
 G2K and its Gender Affairs Committee extends sincere condolences to the families impacted by this tragedy, and remains hopeful that the government will allocate the necessary resources to help those who have suffered losses and to assist families whose babies are still fighting the diseases. Generation 2000 reiterates its calls for the release of the Health Audit and for the immediate removal of Dr. Fenton Ferguson as health minister.

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