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MOF Rejects False Statements about GCT Audit

Ministry of Finance and Planning | 2012-05-11 08:39:00

Since the operations by Tax Administration Jamaica, accompanied by police officers, onFriday May 4, 2012, to enforce a search warrant on Digicel, there appears to be a concertedcampaign to discredit the work of the TAJ, and to try the case in the court of public opinion.

The Ministry of Finance and Planning does not normally comment on these issues publicly,but given the number of inaccuracies in these statements, the MOFP feels compelled torespond.In 2011, the TAJ started a process of auditing various sectors of the economy, including allcompanies in the telecommunications sector. Only in this instance, thus far, has the TAJbeen forced to resort to the Courts to secure the information requested, and only after allother reasonable means of getting the required information had been exhausted.

We also wish to make it clear that contrary to the article published in the Business Observerdated May 9, 2012, no tax assessment has been served on Digicel as an investigation is nowin progress. TAJ has therefore provided no figures indicating tax owed by the company.The public should be aware that the Government of Jamaica in pursuit of these auditssought and received significant technical assistance from multilateral agencies.

We havealso secured bilateral assistance from countries with a reputation for having the mostcompetent tax authorities globally.Despite the unfortunate and misleading accusations against the TAJ, the exercise toimprove tax compliance will continue as we now have irrefutable proof of considerablerevenue leakage taking place in Jamaica.

We will refrain from further comments on this issue until the matter has been settled, in thecourts or otherwise. But it is important that we do not allow the integrity, professionalismand competence of the TAJ staff to be undermined.The MOF wishes to assure the public that every reasonable step is being taken to improvetax compliance and enforcement so as to reduce the tax burden on those who are fullycompliant.

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