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Truckers continue to withdraw service on Palisadoes Road Redevelopment Project

All Island Truckers Association | 2012-05-11 08:49:00

The All Island Truckers Association (A.I.T.A) has been mandated by its members working onthe Palisadoes Road Project to use all available resources to have the contractors address theirconcerns which resulted in the withdrawal of all haulage services to the site on Monday. In ameeting with A.I.T.A. held on the site yesterday, Wednesday, May 9th, truckers indicated thatthey are just not able to continue to operate under the present conditions and are thereforenot resuming work until the following issues are resolved:

1. Increase of present haulage rates and on-time fortnightly payments

2. Improvements to the conditions of site access roads and tipping areas

3. Truckers must be able to verify the actual tonnage of material hauled/paid for, at the
     minimum being able to view the scale reading

4.Compensation for damages to trucks/trailers due to improper loading and off-loading
    by contractors equipment.

The All Island Truckers Association is satisfied that its members’ claims are reasonable andjustified and are therefore encouraging all concerned parties, and particularly the contractors,to address the concerns of the truckers post-haste. A.I.T.A is also mindful of the nationalimportance of this project and is therefore committing itself to exercise all reasonable effortand resources to facilitate an early resumption of work.


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