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PSOJ encourages TAJ enforcement efforts but cautions against “Heavy-Handed” approach

The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica | 2012-05-11 08:58:00

The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ), has noted recentpress reports concerning circumstances surrounding the execution of a searchwarrant authorised by the courts at the behest of Tax Administration Jamaica(TAJ) at the offices of our member company Digicel.

The PSOJ is on record as supporting all lawful means of enforcing taxcompliance among individuals and companies in Jamaica, and wouldencourage the tax authorities in Jamaica to continue their proactive approachto achieving this important objective.

We would not therefore wish tocomment on the merits or otherwise of this particular case, or the details ofcontentions made by either party, confident in the belief that due processthrough our court system will ultimately result in justice being served.

We would caution however against the apparently heavy-handed approachof the JCF who accompanied the TAJ on this occasion in support of theirexecution of the search warrant in question. It would seem to us for examplethat the use of high-powered weapons by JCF personnel accompanying TAJon this occasion (or in any similar case) was neither necessary nor warrantedin the circumstances.

Joseph M. Matalon, CD



The choice to serve the warrant at 4:30PM on a Fridayafternoon when the Company was unlikely to have access to any due processredress in the matter is also a cause of disquiet.We encourage the TAJ to pursue their enforcement mandates firmly, fearlesslyand energetically, but at all times and irrespective of the target of theirinvestigations, to do so in a manner that is consistent with the principles offairness, professionalism and due process.

Posted By :Sandra Glasgow (Mrs.)

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