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MUNRO & MOE in collaboration

Ministry of Education | 2012-05-11 09:18:00

In a display of the new partnerships necessary to advance education, the Munroand Dickenson Trust and the Boards of Management of Munro College andHampton School have agreed to develop a proposal for the management and operation of the Malvern Institute in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.The Bethlehem Moravian College will also assist.The Institute, to be opened later this year will respond to the social adjustment needs of the secondary students who will be removed from the regular classroom for a time.

At a meeting last week with the parties the Minister of Education, Rev. RonaldThwaites hailed the openness and generosity of the Munro and Hamptoninterests and their willingness to employ best practices of their school communities to undertake the important work of helping these students to reordertheir lives and appreciate the value of education.Recognizing that the Malvern facility will accommodate only about 50 students ata time; the Minister explained that a wider programme of behaviour modificationboth within schools and in day-release centres will be announced shortly.

This is in recognition of the serious waste of effort and money in the secondaryeducation system caused by misbehaving students. The Minister calls for a partnership of parents, teachers and principals to take responsibility for theirstudents’ conduct, to apply constructive discipline and ensure a focus oneffective teaching and learning in all schools. He emphasized the need forparents to bring up children to appreciate their peers, their schools and theircommunities.

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