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Commerce Minister welcome accreditation of JPS meter testing lab

Berbick Graham & Associates | 2012-05-14 14:57:00

Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Anthony Hylton has expressed hope that the accreditation of the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) Company’s Meter Testing Calibration Centre, by the Jamaica National Agency for Accreditation (JANAAC) will result in some cost saving to consumers.

Speaking at a ceremony held today to present JPS with their certificate of accreditation at Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston, Minister Hylton stated that this development was important in ensuring equitable electricity measurement, promoting greater confidence in the marketplace, and satisfying the information needs of customers about how meter accuracy is maintained.

The Minister attested to the importance of accreditation in ensuring accuracy and equity. With this accreditation, he said consumers can have confidence that the results generated by the JPS lab are accurate, traceable and reproducible.“This accreditation provides an opportunity for the JPS to improve its relationship with its consumers, being now able to accurately test all meters submitted to its laboratory,” Minister Hylton declared.

Mr. Hylton stressed that accreditation is increasingly used to support the efficient operation of many developed and developing economies, but that regulators can no longer ensure standards and conformity on their own, but must rely on third-party organizations to support their objectives. “When they do so, they need a fair and meaningful basis for identifying qualified and competent providers. Accreditation provides this declaration of competence,” the Minister said.

     He pointed out that confidence in the country’s products and services is achieved by proving to its trading partners that all aspects of the conformity assessment process in Jamaica meets international requirements. This is achieved within the current trading regime by the use of independent entities - conformity assessment bodies- which objectively state compliance of products/services to standards or other specified requirements.  

     “Therefore”, Minister Hylton said, “The accreditation of the Meter Testing and Calibration Centre of the JPS by JANAAC means that this laboratory has been evaluated by a team of assessors who have looked at both the quality management system and the technical competence of the laboratory and found that it conforms to the requirements of the international accreditation standard ISO/IEC 17025.”

     He pointed out that in determining the technical competence of the laboratory the technical assessors on the team looked at several factors, including, among other things: the technical competence of staff - their qualifications, training and experience; equipment – objective proof of its suitability, calibration and maintenance of test equipment; traceability of measurements and calibrations to international standards - objective proof of adequacy; validity and appropriateness of test methods used; and adequacy of the laboratory’s physical infrastructure to do the job, meaning that conditions (such as temperature and humidity of the lab) must allow for accurate testing.

     Speaking to the possible trickle-down effect of this accreditation on electricity bills, Chief Executive Officer of JANAAC, Marguerite Domville explained that, “It’s in the hand  of JPS and the OUR (Office of Utilities Regulation) to make sure the consumer feels the effects of this accreditation,  by fully implementing the  OUR Protocol on Electricity Meter Testing”.

Expounding on Mrs. Domville’s explanation, Minister Hylton said it is expected that between the OUR and JPS, consumers will see a better quality of service and that it will be reflected in some cost reduction. “Any cost benefit to consumers at this time will be welcome and well received,” he said.
In his remarks, Chairman of the JPS Hisatsugu Hirai said it was a proud moment for the Jamaica Public Service Company.  “For years we have worked to improve the quality of service to our customers - such as to improve and supply stable energy, the standard of technical operations, and customer service”.

The attainment of the accreditation by JANAAC, he said, was one of the most important steps toward the light and power company becoming a world class service provider.

 “Our Vision 2016 sees JPS setting performance standards and goals that result in heightened stakeholder engagement, improved service delivery and enhanced customer experiences,” he stated.



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