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PCJ moves forward with Oil & Gas Exploration Programme

Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica | 2016-01-12 00:00:00

The Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica’s (PCJ) Oil and Gas exploration programme is progressing steadily with seismic survey activities set to take place in Jamaica’s offshore areas for the first time in almost a decade.

Tullow Jamaica Limited will undertake a 3,000 km, 2D seismic survey as part of the work programme outlined in the Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) the company signed with the PCJ in November 2014.  Under the PSA, Tullow is carrying out exploratory work on blocks off the south coast of Jamaica and this week the company contracted the BGP Challenger, a seismic vessel, for the current phase of the programme.

The BGP Challenger docked at the Port of Kingston on January 11 and is scheduled to head to the South Coast later this week, where it will remain for about a month conducting seismic surveys in Jamaican waters.  The ship’s state of the art equipment will capture images of the rock layers beneath the seafloor which will be carefully analysed to assess if there are any accumulation of hydrocarbons.The data will be integrated into sophisticated computer programmes to further analyse Jamaica’s potential for having commercial oil and gas.

The information gathered will broaden Tullow’s knowledge of the geological makeup of the island’s seabed and give the PCJ additional seismic data to enhance the oil and gas records that the Corporation has amassed.

Following the arrival of the ship, the vessel was toured today (January 12) by Minister of Science, Technology, Energy & Mining, Phillip Paulwell and other executives of the Energy Ministry and the PCJ. The tour gave the stakeholders an opportunity to view the seismic vessel and the sophisticated technology that will be used for the collection of new geological data offshore Jamaica.

“A critical pillar in our oil and gas exploration efforts has been getting a company with Tullow’s resources on board to carry out in depth surveys of our oil blocks; and the seismic work that will be done this month marks another milestone in our quest to determine Jamaica’s hydrocarbon potential,” Minister Paulwell said.

“A major goal of the Energy Ministry is to diversify Jamaica’s energy mix by placing greater emphasis on indigenous sources and if we can find our own oil and gas that will be a crucial boost to the achievement of the country’s energy independence so we look forward to the results of this research,” he added.

The PCJ’s Group General Manager, Winston Watson said, “The search for oil and gas is a long term undertaking but it is encouraging to be at this phase of the Production Sharing Agreement with Tullow which will help to guide us on the way forward.  However, even while we are executing the PSA with Tullow, the PCJ is still actively seeking additional investors for Jamaica’s remaining blocks.”

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