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Mair bats for energy fund to boost renewable energy

Jamaica Labour Party | 2012-05-28 08:46:00

Opposition Spokesman Industry, Commerce and Energy, Gregory Mair said that Jamaica can reach its target as set out in the National Energy Policy, carried by the previous administration, of 20 percent of our energy mix being renewable by 2030 through the development of the National Energy Fund. This from the 11 percent estimated for this year.
Mr. Mair was speaking at a Jamaica Solar Energy Association Public Forum last night in Kingston.
Mr. Mair said that the Fund can be financed to the tune of over JA$3 billion per year via:

1.    Directing the GCT collected from the heavy users of electricity. Mr. Mair went on to state that he would increase the GCT threshold to 300 Kwh thereby making 92 percent of residential customers exempt from GCT, while bringing in JA$1.5 billion in taxes.

2.    Redirect the now roughly JA$1.6 billion absorbed by the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) in the 1 percent annual commission of sales by PETROJAM, thereby encouraging the PCJ to finance itself through its other subsidiaries, and;

3.    Encouraging the Government to actively seek access to Carbon footprint Credits.


Mr. Mair says the over JA$3 billion raised per year should in part pay for the installation of Solar Photovoltaic and solar water heater systems on all Government buildings in addition to providing financing for renewable energy projects. As an added boost Mr. Mair said it should be made mandatory for all government related low income housing projects to install solar photovoltaic and solar water heater systems.
In continuing his drive for the increased use of renewable energy and more specifically solar energy Mr. Mair called for the removal of all import duties on solar water heaters, solar photovoltaic panels, deep cycle batteries and other essential inputs. He also moved for the replacement of net billing for net metering so that renewable energy users, including solar energy consumers, connected to the JPS grid will be paid the same rate as JPS thereby leveling playing field.
Mr. Mair says with energy costs continually high for the foreseeable future more must be done to reduce our dependence on expensive oil and better utilize our abundance of renewable energy options.

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Gregory Mair MP
Opposition Spokesman for Industry, Commerce and Energy
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