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Government’s bungling of Negril Sand Mining Issue troubling says Robinson

| 2016-01-17 00:00:00

Opposition Spokesperson for Tourism and Cruise Shipping, Shahine Robinson today expressed serious concerns about the bungled way in which the removal of sand from the site of one of the hotels currently under expansion in Negril has been handled and the silence of Tourism Minister, Dr. Wykeham McNeil, who is also Member of Parliament for much of Negril. 

Mrs. Robinson noted that, “the bungled management of the situation by authorities speaks to breakdowns at the highest levels of government and a lack of strategic involvement of the Tourism Ministry, to ensure that tourism related investment projects are carried out in a manner that balances the need to safeguard Jamaica’s environment while providing needed jobs and growth in the tourism sector.”

Mrs. Robinson expressed fear that the current developments can act to deter potential investors, especially in a context where investors are already aware of voluminous government red tape all around. 

Ms. Robinson urged Tourism Minister Dr. McNeil to take a proactive approach under the leadership of the Prime Minister’s Office and establish a multi-stakeholder team incorporating the Ministry of Environment, the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA),  the Ministry of Mining, the Commissioner of Mines, the Local Government Ministry, JAMPRO, other relevant Ministries and Agencies and where possible civil society stakeholders to coordinate their efforts in interacting with local and international tourism investors in a sensible and efficient way that as a must should put Jamaica’s best interests as the number one priority.

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