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National Youth Service to lead Zika Youth Assistance Initiative

Ministry of Youth and Culture | 2016-02-04 00:00:00

Minister of Youth and Culture, the Honourable Lisa Hanna, yesterday, announced that the Ministry of Youth and Culture, through its premier youth agency the National Youth Service (NYS), has partnered with the Ministry of Health to carry out sensitization sessions about the Zika virus and mosquito control.

According to the Minister, the NYS has engaged two hundred of its youth participants as temporary workers to distribute education materials on the virus as well as general mosquito prevention and control measures, and will also be working with householders to identify and destroy breeding sites.

“Two hundred young people will participate in the Zika Youth Assistance Initiative being led by the National Youth Service in six parishes across the island. NYS will recruit participants, who are not currently engaged, through its Entrepreneurship 101 and Personal Development progammes database. Each participant will be compensated at a rate of $7,000 per week,” said the Minister.

Minister Hanna also explained that the youth participants will undergo intensive training by representatives from the Ministry of Health, after which they will be engaged as community workers for a period of four weeks.

“The impending threat of the Zika virus to the Caribbean, and Jamaica in particular, is a cause for national concern and action. The National Youth Service is playing its part in ensuring that its stakeholders, youth (who are often times the most vulnerable to health issues), are appropriately informed of the risk and preventative measures of the virus,” Minister Hanna added.

The main objectives of the Zika Youth Assistance Initiative is to increase public awareness on vector-borne disease and their control, enhance vector surveillance, implement control interventions in selected areas, strengthen response capacity with adequate manpower and  reduce the Aedes indices across the island

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