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JLP Spokesperson addresses response to JLP Rally

Jamaica Labour Party | 2016-02-23 00:00:00

JLP Spokesperson Kamina Johnson Smith addresses the positive response to the JLP Rally in Half-Way Tree and Mr. Holness' speech. Last night, the JLP highlighted their economic plan to grow Jamaica through a partnership for prosperity. The JLP's plan will grow the economy through a new tax policy that provides relief for those earning up to J$1.5m.

The PNP has taxed people into poverty through their policies without any economic growth to show for it. Jamaicans can no longer afford the PNP tax and spend government. Last night, Mr. Holness listed the failures of the PNP administration, specifically the failure of the PNP to address the numerous scandals, such as: JEEP, bad gas, Outameni, Chickungunya, Riverton fire, the failure to diversify the energy sector and others.

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