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BITU responds to National Workers Union

Jamaica Labour Party | 2016-02-24 00:00:00

President of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union Kevan Gayle has responded to a statement issued by Granville Valentine, President of the National Workers' Union. Mr. Gayle said that the statement was surprising and unfortunate.

He explained, "The Jamaican Confederation of Trade Unions, of which the National Workers Union is a member, has always advocated for reducing the tax burden on workers. As such it comes as a surprise that Mr. Valentine would take a position opposing a plan attempting to do just that. This statement seems like a politically motivated and desperate attempt to scare workers."

"The JLP's plan to remove P.A.Y.E. for all workers earning up J$1.5m will directly benefit the hard working, lower wage union members. I am disappointed to hear any trade union opposing a plan that will improve the lives of its members. Furthermore, I do not know how Mr. Valentine comes to the conclusion that jobs will be lost as a result of this plan. On the contrary, the JLP's plan will spur growth, creating new jobs and better pay."

"Having just celebrated the birth of our founder, I feel particularly compelled to defend the interest of the workers of Jamaica. It is unfortunate that Mr. Valentine seems to be motivated more by politics than by principle."

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